The following icons can be found on the work planner:

General Icons

Job NotesJob Notes
There are notes attached to this job.

Customer OwingCustomer Owing
This customer currently has an outstanding balance owing.

Customer in CreditCustomer in Credit
This customer is currently in credit.

First AppointmentFirst Appointment
This is either the very first appointment or the first since the schedule was reset.

Auto InvoicingAuto Invoicing
Automatic invoicing is switched on for this customer regardless of your global setting.

Debit on InvoiceDebit on Invoice
This customer is automatically debited using GoCardless when an invoice is generated.

Important TagImportant Tag
This prefixes an important tag in the customer notes that you prefixed with #!

Payment Types

This customer last paid by cheque.

Bank Transfer
This customer last paid by bank transfer

This customer last paid by cash.

Manual Card
This customer last paid by manual card payment.

Credit Note
This customer last paid via a credit note.

Write Off
This customers last invoice was written off.

This customers most recent payment was imported from another system.

This customer last paid by some other method.

This customers last payment was refunded.

This customer last paid by GoCardless.

This customer last paid by Stripe.

Planner icons 

Done job

       This job has been marked as done.

 Done and invoiced

         This job has been marked done, and an invoice has been generated for the job.

Done and paid 

       The job has been done, and a payment recorded against it.

Due on an original date

This job is due, without having been replanned at any point.

Overdue on original date

        The job is overdue from the original planned date 

Due today

      The job is due to be completed on this day.

Replanned job

This shows the job has been replanned from a different date to this date

AD-Hoc job

This is a AD-Hoc or "one-off" job appointment 

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