There are two templates for appointment reminders

  • Email Appointment Reminder Default
  • SMS Appointment Reminder Default

These are access from the settings screen in the "Notifications" section:

If you click or touch these you can edit the default message and include a number of built in tokens which will get replaced when the message is created.

These following tokens are included but these may be updated from time to time, please remember they are case sensitive:


The full name as entered for the customer e.g. "Mr John Smith"


The first name if the customer if they have one or more names e.g. "John"


The last name of the customer if they have two or more e.g. "Smith"


The title of the customer if there is one e.g. "Mr"

The date expressed as text describing how far from now it is e.g. "today", "tomorrow" or "in 5 days"


The date formatted to easily readable text e.g. "Thursday, 3rd August"


A simple list of the services e.g. "Outside Windows, Inside Windows and Greenhouse"


The full text of the address e.g "The Old Police House, Hyde Park, London, W2 2UH"


The formatted price of the appointment e.g. "£15.00" or "$47.00"


The round or job group name that this appointment is part of if any e.g."London SW1" or "Westcliffe 4 Weekly"


The email address of the worker that this job is assigned to, this should not be used for teams as it will show the team ID


The estimated duration of the appointment as specified on the job


The next date following this appointment formatted to easily readable text e.g. "Thursday, 3rd September"


A link to view this notification online

If you have any more questions or queries, or would like to see what other features Squeegee has to offer, please take a look at our help page at or alternatively you can ring us on, 020 7861 4401