Every Direct Debit payment goes through certain stages before it is paid out to your registered account. These statuses are shown in the payment history details in Squeegee and can be checked in your GoCardless dashboard too.

Pending submission Screenshot_2019-02-08_at_14.31.22.png

The payment has been created in your dashboard, but hasn’t yet been submitted to the banking system for processing. The payment will be automatically submitted prior to the charge date. You can still cancel
payments in Squeegee while they are pending submission.


Submitted Screenshot_2019-02-08_at_14.24.35.png

The payment has been submitted to the banking system for processing, and can no longer be cancelled. If you would still like to cancel the payment at this stage, please advise your customer to contact their bank directly with this request. 


Confirmed Screenshot_2019-02-08_at_14.27.03.png

The payment has been confirmed by the customer’s bank as having been successfully collected from their account.


Paid out Screenshot_2019-02-08_at_14.27.10.png

The payment has been paid out by GoCardless to your registered account.


Failed Screenshot_2019-02-08_at_14.28.49.png

The payment was not successfully collected from the customer’s bank account. 


Cancelled Screenshot_2019-02-08_at_14.29.15.png

The payment was cancelled before the charge date.
No further action will be taken on this payment.


Pending customer approval Screenshot_2019-02-08_at_14.30.01.png

The customer has selected “More than one person is required to authorise Direct Debits” on the online mandate form, but has not yet sent this to GoCardless.


Charged back Screenshot_2019-02-08_at_14.27.18.png

The payment was returned to the customer’s bank account in accordance with Direct Debit rules. This is actioned by the customer’s bank at the request of the customer.

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