You will see this screen if you do not have an active Squeegee subscription. You may have recently registered as a new Squeegee user, previously cancelled your active subscription or had a subscription cancelled following a failed payment. 

Click on or Select the pink Subscribe button and you will see the Account page where you can start or restart your Squeegee subscription.

Click on or Select the blue Choose Plan button at the top right of the Your Plan section and you will see the currently available Squeegee subscription plans. Select your preferred subscription plan, the number of users required and whether your wish to pay Monthly or Yearly before entering your card details, reviewing your selection and then selecting the Subscribe button at the bottom right of the page to activate your subscription.

After activating or reactivating your Squeegee subscription you will see the Account page with the active subscription information. If the page does not update and return you to the Account page, select Reload App from the menu.


Video Tutorial: 

Further FAQ Articles can be found here or contact Support on 020 7861 4401