The general settings tab is more for personal preference of how you want your account to be run:

The business logo can be changed to your personal business logo, if you click the picture and then drag and drop your image into the pop up box, this logo will appear on invoices and other notifications if you have this set up.

Use logo as avatar will simply change your icon to whatever you have as your business logo.

Distance units will give you the option between Miles and Kilometres, similarly temperature units gives the option between Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

Spotless water locations, will show you all spotless water [purified water] filling stations on the overview map:

Force full sync will sync your app with your other users/devices.

If you have any more questions or queries, or would like to see what other features Squeegee has to offer, please take a look at our help page at or alternatively you can ring us on, 020 7861 4401