Setting your job and scheduling settings:

Work planner bar sizes: gives you the option to organise your my work bars, by size of either: amount of jobs that day, or, the value of jobs for that day.

Per user workload capacity: This Setting, can cap the amount of jobs, or money earned by workers, in order to spread workload appropriately. 

Default job duration lets you decide how long on average a job takes you to complete.

Default job frequency: This is for how you want the job frequency to come up each time you add a new job, this can be ad hoc or recurring, and will act as a global setting, this can be changed in the customer edit screen, and when creating a customer.

Default assignee: Whoever is set here will automatically be assigned all work and jobs added to the account.

Re-plan always updates schedule: The most important setting for job scheduling, if ticked, when you replan work, it will automatically move all future appointments in order to keep the set frequency between jobs, (example: if you have a job set on the 10th on a 4 week schedule, if you replan this job with this setting ticked, the future appointments will also  replan to keep the 4 week gap)

If this setting is unticked, the work will stay on the original planned date, so if you replan work forward 2 weeks, there will only be a 2 week gap between this appointment and the next. 

Hide pricing from workers and planners: If you have employees/other workers. this toggle allows you to hide the price of the job from them, this setting can be changed only by an admin.

Show owing view to workers and planners: Will allow workers and planners to see outstanding balances so that they can collect and record payments.

Day pilot stickiness: this when turned on will make it so that the day pilot always loads onto the current day, meaning you will always see that days work.

Day pilot defaults to optimised route: this setting will automatically start day planner on the best route for your work, increasing efficiency and reducing travel time. when turned off day planner will simply show your job locations for that day.

Work sign off: When ticked you will always be asked for a customers signature when ticking work of as done, when turned off you will not need a signature.

Skip reasons: When ticked if you skip a job, you will need to give a reason for the skipped job if you don't select any of the predefined reasons, when unticked you will be able to skip jobs without providing a reason.

Predefined skip reasons: this will allow you to customise the skip reasons for your personalised business needs 

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