The invoicing and payments settings:

Connected services: allows you to connect a stripe/ or gocardless account to your squeegee database allowing customers to pay online.

Invoice payment period in days: allows you to set the amount of days before you require payment from your customers.

Disable automatic invoice generation: Invoices will not be generated if this box is ticked it will have to be created manually, if an invoice is not generated you will not be able to select "done and paid" and you will have to create an invoice manually in order to be paid.  

Automatic Invoice notification:  This setting allows invoices to automatically be send on Job Completion, 

Payment Confirmation: If this is ticked you will always have to press charge on an invoiced job, even if the auto take payment on invoice is ticked, in order to get full automation leave this unticked.

Duplicate gocardless payment protection: this feature if ticked will stop multiple gocardless charges to the same customer in one day, meaning the service could not accidentally overcharge customers, however if you do multiple jobs for one customer with multiple invoices, you will only be able to charge for one job on that day, if this box is unticked you will be able to charge a customer as many times as needed, this setting is more personal preference for customer safety. 

Dont allow payment with card: This setting stops the Pay with Card option from appearing on invoices and payment details.

Dont allow Direct Debit Sign up: If left unticked there will be a option for the customer to signup for gocardelss on your invoices , if ticked there will be no button for this.

Default notes: This is a customise-able note on invoices, example below:

The Email. Phone, and website tab are your personal contact details that will appear on your invoice, customers will be able to see these details.

Expense tax and Tax rate: this will enable tab on expenses and you can sort what tax rate you want on the tax rate tab.

Invoice Tax: if turned on the job total will include the tax for that job.

Refresh invoice, payment and appointment statuses: This will run an allocation event to make sure that all of these things are assigned to the correct place, and update them if incorrect.

If you have any more questions or queries, or would like to see what other features Squeegee has to offer, please take a look at our help page at or alternatively you can ring us on, 020 7861 4401