Squeegee provides efficient navigation through various incredible tools in order to ensure productivity and organization with your jobs and customers. One of these aspects includes changing and implementing tax rates for expenses and invoices. Below is a step by step walkthrough in regards to making these changes. 

1) Navigate to the settings icon below the account settings icon in the upper left-hand corner. 

-You will be able to view all settings at this point. 

2) Select the Invoices and Payments dropdown. 

3) Scroll down until you see Expense Tax, Invoice Tax, Tax number, and Price Includes Tax tabs. 

- You can select these tabs to edit and implement all things you wish to change regarding tax rates. 

4) Once either Expense Tax or Invoice Tax is selected you will see additional tabs appear; allowing you to change the 

Tax rate, Tax number, and choosing whether or not the Job price will include tax.

5) You will be able to edit and enter the preferred Invoice tax percentage.

For example, you can put 20%; whatever rate you enter will be taxed. 

- You may also change the Invoice Tax Number as shown bellow 

If you have any more questions or queries, or would like to see what other features Squeegee has to offer, please take a look at our help page at https://squeeg.ee/help or alternatively you can ring us on, 020 7861 4401