If you put the jobs at the different addresses all under the one customer, then set the customer to have auto-invoicing switched off, then you can manually invoice multiple done jobs and include future jobs. The customer has the 'bill to' address, and the job addresses come up on each of the different jobs included on the invoice. 

When adding a job to a customer, if you press into the address field (which will be auto-populated) you can remove the customer address and change it to the job address here. 

To change the invoicing settings for a customer, go to the three dots menu from the customer view > edit > set automatically generate invoices on job completion to 'No'


Adding multiple jobs onto an invoice:

Go to the customer you have multiple uninvoiced jobs for, (you can find uninvoiced customers by typing uninvoiced into the customer search bar) select your customer and in the customer overview press the pink plus button, then select "create an invoice":

Once in the create an invoice menu press the plus button in order to add multiple jobs to the invoice:

Once you have opened this menu, you will be able to see a box with multiple jobs available to be selected, you can multi-select by taping the side of the name, you will see a green tick appear to show the multiselect, then just hit done and it will add those jobs to the invoice:


Include future jobs,

This box when ticked will show you all future appointments for this customer that can be invoiced, meaning you could bill a customer for the rest of the year if you wanted,

However if you have to reschedule  a job that has already been invoiced, the date you move it to will not be invoiced, so you will need to be on a relatively strict schedule in order to invoice future work, or have to invoice certain days again.

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