How to add various addresses/jobs to one billing address (Customer). 

- This tool is helpful in organizing your jobs that fall under the same customer. 

- This FAQ will take you to step by step through the process.

1) Navigate to the Customers tab and choose which customer you would like to add additional job sites too. You may use the search tool for optimized locating of customers. 

- Select the customer to view details.

2) Select the + button at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to view multiple buttons appear. These help you perform a variety of tasks. 

- Select "Add new job." 

3) To change the address for the new job select the pink pin drop button to the right. 

-Add all details for your new job/service. These details include price, scheduling, etc...

- You can view each job on the customer's profile. 

- You will be able to access individual details for the different jobs at each address under the selected customer. 

- The customer will be billed for all jobs under his/her profile. 

When you change the jobs at the different addresses to be under the one customer, you can set the customer's auto invoicing to off. Then you can manually invoice the done jobs and add in future Jobs. 

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