Setting up GoCardless as the user.

In order to set up your GoCardless account through Squeegee go to "Settings"  then go to the "Invoicing and payments" tab, then select "Payment provider" 

Once you have clicked this you will be asked to select your payment provider select GoCardless in this instance:

This will redirect you to the GoCardless website, where you will have to set up an account to be linked Squeegee, the page looks as below:

After you have filled this info in you will get a notification screen saying you have successfully connected your GoCardless account to squeegee:

Then you will have to verify your account with GoCardless account, you should receive an Email saying the following:

Once you have pressed the highlighted link above, you will be taken to the GoCardless website where you will need to fill in your details, examples given below:

1) Select your package, Look at what would be best for your business.

2) Information about your business, 

3) Your personal details

4) Support details, You can set these so that if your customers have difficulty they can contact these details for support, (Your personal details)

5) This is what your customers will see, you will be able to upload your own business logo, as well as inputting your payment details, name etc:

6) This will appear on customers bank statements, you can include a personal reference:

7) Connecting your bank details, (Personal details):

8) Verifying your bank details/ Adding other bank details:

9)  Verifying pay-out account, this is to ensure that funds will be deposited correctly:

There may be other security measures you could have to input, example below:

Once all this has been input you will have registered for GoCardless, and will be able to start using it in correlation with Squeegee.

If you have any more questions or queries, or would like to see what other features Squeegee has to offer, please take a look at our help page at or alternatively you can ring us on, 020 7861 4401