This FAQ covers how to edit details on appointments, specifically appointments that are unpaid but completed and invoiced. Appointments may need to be updated and edited for a variety of reasons. You may update appointments through a customer or the planner tab. 

 Updating Appointments through the Customer tab. 

1. Use the search tool to find a specific customer. 

2. Update these details on any jobs that are done and invoiced but not yet paid. 

As shown below, you can access all jobs and quotes for that customer under the customer's details. 

3. Select which job/ appointment you would like to edit and update. 

- You can select the done and invoiced appointment in 2 different ways as shown below. 

You can search for a specific appointment or quote using the search tool shown below. 

Or select the three dots that lead to this dropdown.

- Select view appointments to view all appointments.


4.  Choose which appointment/job you would like to edit. 

5. You will be able to change things like price and services. You can also edit customer details, etc.

- When editing settings such as price and services, you will be shown a pop-up notification tab to confirm that the associated invoice will also be included within the new update/change made. Click 'ok' to continue. Or 'cancel' to prevent the changes. 

Updating Appointments Through the Planner Tab

By Navigating to the 'Work planner tab', you can select jobs that are done and invoiced that you'd like to be updated.

Once you have selected your desired appointment, follow the same directions as highlighted above for updating appointment details through the 'customer tab'.


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