If you have multiple customers at different addresses that are being paid for by one customer, you can merge the customers so that they still appear as separate jobs on the work planner, but will be billed through one customer, this can be especially helpful for direct debit payments, (GoCardless, Bank transfer)

In this example Alan is paying for David also:

In order to do this you will need to merge the customer, in order to do this navigate to the customer tab, select the pink plus button, and press the merge button:

Once you have pressed the "Merge customers" button, a new menu will appear, make sure that you select the customer you wish to pay first. In this example Alan:

Then select your second customer to merge:

Merge the customers, you can select what info you wish to keep:

After pressing merge you will only have the one customer appear on the customer screen. however if you click on that customer, you will the following notes:

You will also be able to see the jobs assigned to both customers:

On the my work screen, you will still have the 2 jobs showing still, you will be able to replan, and do them on different days:

Now you will be able to do the work as 2 separate jobs, but charge one customer.

You may notice the name is the same on both customers however, at the moment we cannot change this, however what you can do, is change the location information to include the customers name, example shown below:

Scroll down to the job with the separate address:

Select the options button and select edit:

Select the address :

Rename the customer like this or similarly making sure not to erase the location information:

Save this change, and then you will see your customer like so on the My work or Work planner tabs:

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