The multi planner tool allows users to quickly and efficiently organize jobs and appointments. 

Multi planner offers a variety of actions that benefit in job/customer organization. 

1. Navigate to the 'multi planner' tab on the sidebar to the left. 

- From the multi planner page, you can view your scheduled jobs for the week and details (Including icons) that let you know the status of those jobs and their corresponding customers, as well as any basic information regarding the job.

Icons and What They Mean

One great aspect and detail that squeegee offers with the multi planner are icons that show status' on jobs. 

The annotation on the screenshot of the multi planner tab above shows a brief example of 

  • -Icon for Owing 

-Icon for In credit

-Initials to whose Job is detailed 

(This is all viewed from the "ALL" profile on the multi planner tab.)

- A hashbang will appear when one is created for that customer/job. 

For example, (Hashbang) Has-dog. 


Each user has their own assigned Jobs and these jobs will appear on their individual schedules. This allows for better optimization and organization of jobs. 

- You can add users to your Squeegee account as well.

 *Each user is an additional cost.*

- Select the User to see their schedule or you can view all jobs and the whole work schedule for all users. 


With Multi Planner you can perform a variety of actions that improve and optimize the organization of your customers, jobs, and details related. Steps on how to perform each of these actions are shown below. 

Multi-Select Jobs 

You can do this by clicking on the bar on top of the job for each job you would like to include in the action.

-In order to select a whole day's of work Select the day of the job and all appointments for that date will be selected. 


Shifting Entire Schedule

*You can't undo this action*

1. Navigate to work planner. 

2. Select three dots icon (top-right) 

3. Shift Entire Schedule 

Adjust these settings according to how you would like to shift the schedule.

Reschedule Job (Click and Drag)

1.  From multi planner- Press on the job and move to reschedule.

Assign a new user 

1. From the work planner view, you can select a job by selecting the bar menu at the top of the job.

2. At the top of the screen you are given options for actions to perform on that job. (depending on job status; may vary.) Choose the green man icon. 

3. A list of users will appear in a window on the screen. Simply, select the user you would like to assign the selected jobs to.

4. You will be asked if you would like all future appointments on this job to be defaulted as the assignee you chose or for this one job to be assigned to this user only for this occurrence. For all jobs choose 'all' In order for this to be a one-off assignee to this job choose 'Just This'.

Assigning Rounds 

1. Select the job or Jobs you would like to assign to a Round. You are able to select multiple jobs by selecting the bar at the top of each job. 

2. Select the green circle with three dots at the top of the screen. This is one of the multiple actions you can take from this menu bar.

3.  Select the round you would like to assign the job or jobs to. You can search which Round you would like from this window as well. 

- Once selected a green check will appear to the right of the round. 

For example:

Choose 'done' and all selected jobs will be put on that Round. 

Update future appointments for a selected job. 

1. From the multi planner tab, select the job/jobs you would like to update/replan.

2. Select the purple replan Icon at the top right on the action bar.

3. A window will pop up allowing you to replan to which date you would like to update that job/jobs to. 

- By selecting update future appointments for (any number) of jobs, all appointments for that job will update based on the shift of that job. This prevents your jobs from being out of place. For example, if they were scheduled 3 weeks apart, they would be updated to be three weeks apart from that updated appointment. 

- Quick action to update appointment/appointments to the following day (tomorrow). 

- Quick action to replan for the following week. 

- Select a custom date to replan.

- Choose to skip 

Mark appointments as done.

1. Select the job/jobs you would like to mark as complete; you can do this by clicking on the job and/ or multi selecting the job. 

2. Choose the green checkmark on the action bar after selecting the jobs you'd like to mark done. 

3.  You will get a window asking for confirmation if the job is assigned to another user. Select 'Continue' to go forward with the action. 

Reset Entire Schedule.

1. Navigate to the three dots icon at the top-right of the screen. 

2. Select Reset Entire schedule 

2. A window will appear asking for confirmation on the Reset and what date you selected for the action to carried out past. 

3.  You will be asked to enter an email you would like the backup to be sent to/. Usually, this defaults to the email on file, however, this can be changed. 

Just select Backup Data and Email and this process will begin. 

4. Once you have selected "Backup data and email' you will see that it takes a few moments as 'Sending'.

Once this is complete your schedule will update accordingly.

Skip a job 

1. Select the job or jobs you would like to skip.

2. Choose the Yellow skip icon on the action bar. 

3. After you have selected the 'Skip' icon, you will be asked to choose a 'skip reason'. 

*You may add these in settings or choose 'other' if your reason is not listed.*

A skipped Job is shown below. You will see a yellow skipped flag on the schedule for all skipped jobs.

Reverse a 'done' action.

If you would like to undo a job, you can do this by:

1. Selecting the done jobs/job that you would like to perform this action with. 

2. Choosing the green back-arrow icon on the action menu. 

Once this arrow is selected the job/jobs will be automatically marked undone. 

Other Actions 

You can also perform other tasks from the Multi-planner that can also be performed on other avenues of the app. For example: 


To view next week's schedule, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'next week'. 

If you have any more questions or queries, or would like to see what other features Squeegee has to offer, please take a look at our help page at or alternatively you can ring us on, 020 7861 4401