AD-Hoc purpose.

The AD-Hoc option on the job frequency is there as a one-off job that can be repeated if needs be, for big jobs that may not be regular but you want to keep a record of for the future, and be able to plan it into your schedule with limited admin or questions.    

How AD-Hoc works.

In order to make a AD-Hoc job, it is the same as creating a normal scheduled job, however when inputting the information, you will need to change the frequency to AD-Hoc, then select the date you wish to do this job, 

This job will appear in your schedule for the date you select, however once it is done it will not appear back into your schedule at any point in the future, the job will not disappear completely though, if you go to the customer it will remain as an AD-Hoc job on that customers overview, There will be an option to Repeat job, this will be how you choose the next time you wish to do this job, you can press Repeat the job at any time, and it will use the info from the last time the job was done to schedule this same service/price in for the next date you select.

Uses of AD-Hoc.

There are many uses for an AD-Hoc appointment, for example: 

If you have a job that is Window cleaning outside every 6 weeks, but on the odd occasion the customer would like you to clean the inside windows, you can set an AD-Hoc job for the inside windows, at whatever price you decide, then when asked to clean the inside again you can simply press the Repeat job button and select the new date, this will reschedule that AD-Hoc job to repeat for that one occurrence only. 

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