A complete Overview of the GoCardless setting and uses in Squeegee 

We do have many FAQ's around GoCardless, links to specific questions will be linked below:

Setting up/ the basics of GoCardless uses.

This link will provide a detailed description of what a customer will receive and have to fill out in order to join GoCardless.

Setting up GoCardless. (User)

This link will provide you with a detailed description of how to set yourself up for GoCardless as a worker receiving payment.

Setting up GoCardless. (Customer)

A walkthrough on how to sync customers through Squeegee, and GoCardless itself.

Syncing customers from GoCardless

A detailed guide on inviting customer to GoCardless DD.

GoCardless Direct Debit Payments

GoCardless status information.

Information on the various status shown on Squeegee regarding GoCardless.

What do the GoCardless Statuses Mean?

In depth guide to GoCardless statuses  .

Viewing GoCardless Statuses

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