If you wish payment to be taken automatically when an invoice is sent via Direct Debit (GoCardless), you will need to have the following settings set correctly:

Go to Settings>Invoicing and payments, here all options for automatic payments and billing can be adjusted.

In order to set it so payment can be taken automatically, first you want to set it so that invoices are generated automatically, this setting should be unticked as shown below:

Secondly you will want to turn on Automatic invoice notification, this setting when ticked on will automatically send invoices to your customer when the job is marked as done, this is key for automatic payment, this setting should be as below:

Next you want to enable take payment on invoiced, this setting will allow the payment to be taken when you send an invoice to the customer and they receive it, this setting should look as below:

The Payment confirmation setting, when ticked will make it so that you will have to confirm the payment even if all settings are set to automatically take payment, the following page will appear if this is ticked on:

You will have to press the charge button in order to confirm the payment, however if you want it fully automated, meaning you wont have to press the charge button, leave this setting unticked, as shown below:

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