Welcome to Squeegee. 

Starting on Squeegee can be confusing if you are new to the app, this Introduction will include links to the various help, and getting started information pages, so that you can get the most possible out of Squeegee.


At Squeegee, we offer 1 on 1 walkthroughs with a member of our team to help you get started. This is a session of up to an hour where we share a screen with you and go through the basics, allowing you to see how the many features of squeegee function and answering any questions you may have! 

In order to book one of these walkthroughs contact us on our email or phone line:

Email: support@squeeg.ee

Phone: 020 7861 4401

Settings in squeegee

Setting up Squeegee to personalise it for your business is the best way to start. The following links will explain the various settings available and what they mean: 

General settings tab.

Jobs and scheduling.

Notification settings.

Invoicing and payments.

Data Settings.

Getting started on squeegee

We have many guides to help with starting on squeegee.

To start with you will need to choose the subscription and plan you want to use, this link takes you through the steps on this: : Selecting a subscription/starting free trial

You'll need to visit https://app.squeeg.ee/account

If you need to update payment details after subscribing: How can I update my payment details?

Once you have done this, you will want to start adding customers, the following link will explain in detail how to do this: Detailed add a new customer with video

Now that you have a customer made, its time to add jobs and work to them! the way to do this is explained in the following link: Add/edit a new job with video

If you are moving from another software you may want to import your data rather than enter it manually. You'll find the options for requesting an import from some platforms (Cleaner Planner, Aworka, George and Smartround) by going to settings > data > and requesting an import attaching your data files. 

If you wish to import from a different piece of software or your own records on excel or similar, the following link will explain how to do this by using the Squeegee CSV import file: How to Create and Import Squeegee CSV Files

If you would like to receive a quote for the import to be completed by one of the team here instead, we offer an import service charged at a reduced rate for professional services at £50 an hour. Simply use the 'Get a Quote for Custom Import' option from settings > data and attach the files you'd like us to take a look at. 

Customer Base

The first thing you'll likely start working with on the system is your customer data. This folder contains the help articles on the creation of customers on the system and some of the functionality on just customers. 


Organisation of Work

There are different methods of organising and viewing work on Squeegee to suit different businesses. This folder contains the help articles needed to help with this.

Jobs and Scheduling

Billing and Payments

Here you will find all the necessary information on how invoices are generated, how to customise them and how to record and create payments.

Invoicing and Payments 

Automated Payment Methods

Squeegee has integrations with GoCardless for Direct Debit payments and Stripe for card payments, this folder contains the help articles on setting these up and using them with your customers

Automated Payments

Keeping in touch

Communication is key! we know this here at Squeegee, and this is why there are many ways to keep in touch with your customers through Squeegee! From Email, to SMS, and even a Two way, In-app messaging system on the Advanced plan! 

The following link will explain the many messaging services available, and features such as Squeegee SMTP:

Messaging Settings

Navigation and route optimisation

The Day pilot feature uses live traffic information to get you to your work on the fastest route possible

Using Day Pilot and Optimised Drive

For the team

If you work as part of a team, here is the information on adding new users, setting permissions and assigning work

Creating and assigning work to different team members 


 This section takes you through the different reports available in Squeegee for accountancy purposes. 



If you haven't found a solution to any problems you're having, it could well be highlighted here!


If you have any more questions or queries, or would like to see what other features Squeegee has to offer, please Email us at support@squeeg.ee or alternatively you can ring us on, 020 7861 4401