The Attachments are beneficial for many reasons, being able to attach an image or file to Customer's, Job Appointment's, Jobs, Quotes, Expenses, Invoices, and users.

How to use attachments.

Using attachments on customers: In order to add an attachment to to a customer first go to the customer screen, select the customer you wish to add an attachment too, there you will see the attachments box, select this:

After pressing this you will be taken to the attachments screen you will see a pink plus in the bottom right corner, press this and you will be be to then select the file you wish to add to this customer:

Press the select files button :

After pressing this it will open your files and folders, you will be able to then select nearly any file type, images, anything under 50MB, for this example we will use an image:

After selecting the image or file you wish to add it will show as below:

You will need to press the upload button to add this attachment to the customer, the  you will be able to see that image in that customers attachment folder:

This is the way to add attachments to customers, in order to add attachments to Job Appointment's, Jobs, Quotes, Expenses, Invoices, and users, the process is the same, in their respective locations,

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